Sales overview

Product range

The KNARR company supplies, amongst other products, round, flat and sleeve ejectors, guiding elements, date stamps, machines, devices and accessories.

Flat ejectors with edge radii, heat insulation plates, tempering elements, coated ejector pins can be delivered ex stock as well.

Special products

Many products listed in the catalog can be produced with special dimensions and coatings, e.g. sleeves, flat ejectors and contour cores.

Please feel free to contact our employees on pricing detail.


Download our new catalog in the Adobe pdf format here or request a printed version via the "Contact" link.

Note: This catalog contains our list prices. Discounts to be agreed upon.

Download our current catalog here:

KNARR main catalogue (PDF, ca. 52MB)

Warehouse & Shipment

Our excellent ability to supply is based on our high storage capacity and mostly enables us to ship your products on the date of order.